Donations from Individuals and institutions are welcome and the same are exempted from income tax  under Section 80G for the amount which has been donated. The amount which has been donated by a person is allowed to be claimed as a deduction under Section 80G, at the time of filing his income tax return.

To download the copy of the 80-G certificate click here


The donations shall be disbursed to achieve the AIMS AND OBJECTIVES of Girivihar which are listed below

The aims and objectives for which the Organisation is established are :
a) To promote hiking, trekking, camping, mountaineering and allied open air activities.
b) In furtherance of the above object to arrange hikes, treks, and camps to various places from time to time.
c) To build up and maintain a library useful to hiking and mountaineering , including a library of maps.
d)To acquire and maintain equipment useful to the above mentioned activities.
e) To encourage and organize expeditions whenever and wherever possible.
f) To grant financial or any other form of assistance to individual or groups of members to undertake any of the above mentioned activities of Girivihar.
g) To give non-financial assistance to individuals or groups of individuals who are not members of Girivihar, in furtherance of the above-mentioned objects of Girivihar.

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