Feedback from parents


Form Shriprakash K. Tiwari – Facebook post: 
thanks for everything,will meet up on the 10/01

From Sunil Gilbile – Facebook Post:

Thanks to Girivihar team.My daughter first time attend camp & she enjoyed much. Thanks once again.

From Mayuri Mistry – facebook post:
Saanika had a great time all these 5 days at your camp!Thank you so much.

Thank you all for making this camp a memorable one for Saanika.

From Archana Bhale – facebook post:
 second girivihar camp for mahika. she said, she wanted to stay there longer!!THANKS , to each an every one of you for making the camp such an enjoyable experience for her.

From Juilie Mahale (Instructor at the camp) – facebook post

Nothing cud be awesome then this!!!”girivihar adventure camp 2014″ comin back with loads of memories special thankx to my bestie Snehal Bhole a big thanks to Prasanna Joshi sir for such a wonderful experience to mrugank save for his excellent knowledge and taking me more close to wildlife…..rock climbing, rapeling, river crossing, rafting ,star gazing, self cooking, nature trail,rifle shooting, archery….. Just amazing enjoyed this 5 days to the fullest…

From Parag Lagu (Instructor at the camp) – facebook post:
Stupendous, Unforgettable, Superb, Excellent, Mindblowing,….running out of adjectives…..Every camp teaches something new….Be it technical, be it some soft skill, be it engaging with kids or be it about setting an example for the kids….It was tiring but yet highly enjoyable…Everyone contributed to the huge success of the camp.

Form Tania Muley (Participant of the camp) – facebook post:
Hoping to come back in 2015 missing everyone

From Asmita Bharat Hadkar (Participant of the camp) – facebook post:
enjoyed alot ………..unforgetable days…..

Email From Rutuja Sane (participant of the camp)
I was eagerly waiting to tell that I was the luckiest child and I had a chance to attend the camp of Girivihar.This camp was a great fun. I liked all the activities but the rappelling was the simplest and best activity. I liked the breakfast .But this experience was better than my last year’s. Because of the Girivihar Camp I was able to do all things on my own. And I hope you will conduct the camp for next year





Email from Mr Shrikant Bothe
 Sorry for replying you very late.
 I would like to thank you and the entire team for taking great care of our kids.
Our kids were very happy after the trip. This was their second trip. The pictures are awesome and made us feel that there should be such camp for elders also.
We wish u all the best for all your future camps.
Best Regards,
Shrikant Bothe and Dr. Geetanjali Bothe
Email message from Rashmi Tondwalkar
Hello All,
Myself is Rashmi mother of Nishant tondwalkar from Vasai. This is the 2nd time he attended the camp so you will know he already likes Girivihar and now also would like to join Manali Camp.
First of all I would like to thank you all for arranging such a wonderful camp for children of middle age group and taking utmost care of such a big group.
Ø Safety and security is also considered and properly taken care at the camp site.
Ø Food – He really enjoy the food as combination is very tempting specially evening breakfast.
Ø All the activities are planned and sufficient time provided to all to enjoy the activity and all the activities are compulsory so good no excuses entertain at the camp site.
Nishant likes all Dada & Tai but mainly Saurabh dada as his group is handled by him.
Only one point I would like to highlight(not complaint but suggestion) is while coming pick-up timing is given as 9pm but suddenly received a call at around 5.45pm and got the information that they will be reaching Dadar at 6.30p.m. So requesting to avoid such situation as reaching Dadar from my place is taking almost more than 1hr.
I also would like to know feedback about my child performance/behavior at camp site.
Rashmi Tondwalkar

Email Message from Mr Kapil Shinde regarding Adventure camp
Dear Prasanna,
Thank you very much. We really appreciate and congratulates to GIRIVIHAR team for successful organising of camp. No doubt, without any second thought in mind, Next year we will send our kids at GIRIVIHAR camps.
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Warm Regards,

Kapil Shinde,
Father of Aditya Shinde)
Anushaktinagar, Mumbai

Email from Mr Shailesh Bhave , Father of Yadneya Bhave
Dear Mr. Joshi & Team…. 
Firstly wish you and your team a very very Happy new year 2014.. 
Thanks for sharing this most  memorable movements with us. It was very exciting and  special days my son  had enjoyed with you guys. Rightly you said from last three days my son Yadneya is continuously narrating stories about what had happened at camp site.
I am very proud that I am associated with such a reputed as well caring people . In fact I should say GIRIVIHAR  is  a institute that moulds  the child into proper shape . In fact I suggest at least thrice in a year you should organised such camps for this age group children.   I once again thanks as well appreciate  for  all the  efforts  taken by you as well your team members to make 2014 adventure camp with great success. 
God bless and wish you all the best for all your future plans.   
Kind Regards,
Shailesh Bhave
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Revenue Accounts – Mumbai
Facebook message from Archana Bhale mother of Mahika

A sincere thanks to all the instructors of the Girivihar adventure camp for giving Mahika one of the most memorable experience till date.
she loved every thing about it –the adventure activities,the camp site,the food and ofcourse the dog-BHAVANI !!! THANKS.
Archana Bhale


Dear Sir,
This is Reshma Vaidya, mother of Rajas Vaidya, who participated in adventure camp 2013.
First of all, Thanks a lot for conducting such nature based adventure camps for the age group of 9-13.  Rajas has enjoyed it a lot and at the same time learned many things.  I would like to share few with you.
Rajas’s lunch / dinner plate is not clean anytime.  He used to eat food in a messy way.  I used to tell him, clear your plate, don’t left the food.  But of no use.  When on sunday, he came back.  First time I saw his dinner plate very clear. He ate everything what was in his plate including ‘curryleaves’.  Believe me, that was shock to me. Thankfully, he has continued to that habit uptill date.  Thanks to you.
Now I don’t need to wake him up.  Of his own, he is getting up at 7am.  I am happy.
This was his first camp.  He never been out without us.  He has learnt many things.  And ready to go for next camp.  Actually was little upset as he is not fitting in age group for Manali camp.
Thanks to you personally and Girivihar.  You are doing work of personality development.
Thanks again.
Reshma Vaidya
I’m Mahuli’s father Jogesh. I’m a friend of Rahul Natu, just to make the connection.
Few suggestions/tips which some of which you might already have implemented.
 1. To follow up, have short 1-2 day camps/outings/trips/treks every month or so, where you involve the same bunch of kids. Otherwise these middle class Indian kids will get into their brainless school work and for the next one year will do nothing adventurous (till the next camp).
 2. Get this rope walking activity for your obstacle course:
 My kids have tried it and it is very good stuff.
 3. Have intermediate camps for rock climbing and rapelling so that kids can move ahead from this camp.
My daughter enjoyed the camp very much.
Thank you for your effort and passion.
Jogesh Motwani
On Monday, 30 December 2013 12:01 PM, srinivas kavi wrote:
My son (Naveen) attended Girivihar Adventure camp 2013.
Thank you for the efforts and care taken by your team to make adventure activities fun to young kids. Incidentally, his brother attended the same program 5 years ago.
From the feedback, Naveen thoroughly enjoyed the camp.
Main idea behind me sending him to the camp is to make him self reliant and inculcate in him a sense of adventure. I feel the camp met these objectives fully.
I once again thank you for the efforts put in for safe conclusion of the event.
Would request you to provide me with any assessment of him in the activities and photos of his activities.
May your tribe increase and your organisation flourishregards
Ch Srinivasa Rao
Dear Prasanna,
Happy New Year!!!
I congrates you and your team for  successful camp. I have seen the energy difference  in my kid(Nilay) after this camp. This was his second camp, this time he found more enjoyable and wanted to attend more such camps(ready for next year). I admire your team efforts in organizing such activities.He told me, he participates in all the activities without any stress but with joy and excitement.I am happy to share with you that my kid could gain more confidence, respect the nature , live independantly (without parents) and understand importance of group.
All the best for your future activities!!!
With Warm Regards,
Nitin Kawade