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FEEDBACK By Mr. Abhishek Damle
(This is based on a small accident he faced during his trek to Prabalgad with Girivihar)
On 19th July 2015, I joint Girivihar for the first hike of my life. We were taken to Prabalgad and Shri Vijay Beladkar (Zopyadada) was our leader. I was extremely enjoying the greenery, butterflies and small insects on our way. When we reached Machi I started playing in a small water fall. Suddenly I lost my balance, slipped and hit my head on the rock. I fell unconscious for few moments and lost my memory. I could not remember how and why I went there. When Dada came to know this, he immediately discontinued the trek, made arrangements for the safe return of the other members and decided to take me to my home. First he confirmed that I can walk with his support and then alone brought me home. I still cannot imagine how he made it happen. He did not even call my father, so as not to make him panic. After we reached home, he accompanied me to the Shushrusha Hospital. He was with me even during my CT Scan. He was very happy to know that, there was only a hairline skull fracture without any internal injury or bleeding. He was with me till I was taken inside the Hospital room. When my father deeply thanked him for all his efforts and courage, he simply said that, “I did what my seniors have taught me”. I am really grateful to Zopyadada and all members of Girivihar for creating such a supporting and helping team. Now I have regained my memory, my wounds have also healed. I am eager to join the next hike only and only with Girivihar, once my fracture gets fully healed.