Hike Report – Prabalgad Hike

Hike Report – Prabalgad Hike on 15 June 2014

Location: Thakurwadi near Shedung.
Mode of Transport: State Transport buses.
Group Size: 11
Leader: Parag Lagu
We, the team of 11 members, assembled at Hotel Visawa, Panvel at about 7.30 am for breakfast. Then we caught the 8 am bus to Thakurwadi. Following the introduction session, we started the ascent from Thakurwadi at about 8.30. Although there were 3 first timers, the group speed was really good and we made it to the Prabal Machi in just about an hour. Here we were blessed with heavy rains for about 15-20 minutes. Refreshed and reenergized by this, we continued to traverse the fort. It was slightly difficult to find the exact left turn but knowing the general direction helped us to reach a Nala (water stream) that we started to climb (While returning we realized that the actual left turn is to be taken at a big Umbar tree. This tree is right in the middle of the traverse path and there is no arrow marked. Also, the path to the left is not very obvious because it is hidden by folliage). This was a slightly steeper climb compared to the actual path which we missed initially. Soon we joined the main path and continued to the top. It took us about 3.5 hrs to reach the top from the base. We rested and had lunch. We were much ahead of planned schedule. Soon we started our return journey. Everyone was in good shape except one guy who had some stomach pain. But he managed to get down without much complaint.
We were lucky to get the return bus within 15 minutes of reaching the main road. The hike ended in good spirit.
I am happy to say that the first monsoon hike of this season was a success and an enjoyable experience.


Parag Lagu