Rock Climbing Camp

43rd Girivihar Rock climbing Camp 2014 – Report

The RC Camp was held in the CBD hills from Sunday 21st December 2014 to 26th  December 2014. It was attended by 16 trainees – Fifteen for Level 1 of which eleven continued to Level 2.
One  trainee joined level -2 having done Level -1 in  2011 and having been recommended for Level -2.
This year we had  three trainees from our second generation Giriviharites. Our camp consisted mostly of the  young the maximum age being thirty which included three girls.

With the advent of the Maharashtra Government adventure sport  guidelines  in which the
Girivihar rock-climbing camp  has been recommended, the camp had several outdoor experts willing to complete the course. Two trainees came from Samrudh village in the Kalsubhai range.

The course concluded with a team of twelve and three instructors climbing the “Chimney Sweep”, a 150ft. rock face on the east wall. The route was led by Nirav Desai .  They were also introduced to climbing on an indoor rock-wall.