Rock Climbing Competition

Proposed Bouldering World Cup 2016

”One in a million.” In the world of competition climbing supported by millions of the different strata of society, you are one of them.

India has never hosted a climbing worldcup competition. Now after eleven competitions since 2004 we are proud to announce a bouldering world cup in 2016 hosted in India for the very first time. GIRIVIHAR has always pursued  modern concepts in the outdoors especially in mountaineering and rock climbing. We successfully climbed Mt Hanuman in 1966 the first successful Himalayan expedition  from Maharashtra.
Sport climbing is booming! In recent years, climbing has truly become a popular sport. Because of numerous climbing gyms, more and more athletes are attracted by the vertical challenge, both indoor and outdoor, and the trend continues. For a very good reason: climbing does not only train most of our 656 muscles, it challenges the mind too. Climbing is now an international sport with several World Cups held each year in various disciplines.

After 50 years  we are aspiring to host the 2016 IFSC Bouldering world cup.

About the IFSC

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) was created in 2007. The IFSC is the world governing body for all aspects of international climbing competitions.
The IFSC is recognized by the IOC and member of ARISF, Sport Accord and IWGA.
The main purposes of the IFSC are the direction, regulation, promotion, development and furtherance of climbing competitions on a worldwide basis.
The IFSC has 83 Member Federations over 5 continents: Africa: 3, Asia: 19, Europe: 43, Oceania: 3, Pan-America: 15

3 disciplines:
Height, endurance and strategy. Athletes climb rope-tied, one at a time, on an overhanging route with an 8-minute time limit. The one who gets the highest wins.
Power and technique for an explosive performance of a maximum of 10 movements. Spectacular and intense gestures, maximum height 4 meters and a fall back on mattresses.
15 meters in less than 6 seconds! Rope-tied from above, climbers run on parallel walls. The fastest wins!


  • 1831 licensed athletes in 2013
  • 709 of these licensed athletes are women
  • Athletes represented the 5 continents and 62 countries
  • Median age of elite athletes: 19

A large worldwide climbing community:

  • 25 million people are climbing regularly. Over 2 million Europeans are climbing regularly.
  • They are part of the 250 million outdoor enthusiasts
  • Popularity in largest cities (300+ indoor climbing walls in London 350+ in Paris Ile-de-France)
  • Climbing gyms from 2007 to 2012: +50%. In Germany alone, there are more than 280 climbing gyms open to the public. In the United States there are around 600.

A fast-growing community:

  • 3,000 people climb for the first time every day
  • Constant National Federation membership growth (e.g. From 2001 to 2010, the number of French Federation members has increased by 50%)
  • More and more people practice climbing all around the globe, indoor and outdoor

A community with a unique profile:

  • Federation members come from both mountain/rural and urban areas
  • Climbers are young (39% under 18) but practice until 60 and more
  • The share of female climbers is very high (38% vs. usual maximum 31%). And that is not surprising: this sport is not only about strength, but also about body control and athleticism. And it is a mind game. Climbing has also become an international high-performance sport

Main assets:

  • A new responsive website –Launch in February 2013
  • Number of viewers for 2013 Live webcast: 503,005 (23 events).

Average viewers per event :21,869.

  • IFSC web TV embedded on IFSC website. Watch live 2014 IFSC Events, have access to IFSC video archives and benefit from cumulated statistics!

Sport Climbing is chosen by the IOC as a demonstration sport at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China 2014.

Girivihar is a completely non-commercial organization(registered as a  Charitable Trust) and working sincerely not only keeping this sport alive but also growing it by speading awareness. Though this game doesn’t have spectators on field, Girivihar  brings the sport to the  general audience through various activities like climbing competition , adventure camp , Rock-climbing camp , talks etc. To make this possible financially, we have relied on generous donations from friends, families, well-wishers and nature lovers from the society.

A note on the fund–raising effort

IFSC Bouldering world cup 2016 received provisional approval from Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) in November 2014 .

We had December 15, 2014 to Jan 2015 as the deadline before which we were supposed to apply to IFSC and also pay the IFSC application fees of 500 € (approximately `40,000/-). In March 2015 if IFSC  confirms the application, 5000€ (approximately `4,00,000/-) would have to be paid as calendar fees.

In March 2015 the process to build up an Indian national bouldering team which will  take part in the IFSC World Cup 2016, Navi Mumbai will commence. This will be a comprehensive training program guided by a graded  selection process for the elite Indian national climbers.

We  aim to provide them with the required climbing gear, enhanced  training program (tactical climbing and injury free lifestyle). This 15-days training program in India will be designed by a professional European climbing coach. This training program will cost Rs.`6,50,000/- .

We will also provide  a 15-days training program for 8 to 15  Indian climbers in Europe (7 days climbing with a professional climbing coach followed by 7 days tactical training program with a professional technical coach).This cost will be 23,000€ (approximately Rs.`19,00,000/-).

This climbing team would take part in  at least one IFSC bouldering world cup before the Indian world cup  in 2016. This cost is 7,500€ (approximately ` 6,00,000/-).

Simultaneously a road show will be held in all metro cities creating awareness about adventure and climbing activities in local educational institutions and a climbing rock tour throughout the year. This promotional and road show will cost approximately `Rs.10,50,000/- .

During the IFSC world cup 2016 we also intend to promote traditional Indian activities, other adventure activities and a Music festival at the venue of the world cup 2016.  This would cost Rs.`3,25,00,000/-.

Prize money as per IFSC norms for both categories, Men &Women would cost 15,800€ (approximately `Rs.12,75,000/-).

Service fees as per IFSC norms will cost  14,500€ (subject to change every year)(approximately `Rs.`12,00,000/-).

We have already been working at different  administrative levels with the national federation, namely the IMF, Delhi. We will now continue to work with the West Zone sport climbing body and  also involve other mountaineering clubs, Indian adventure equipment distributors and International climbing equipment companies. Most of the organisations have elicited a positive response.

The local and national climbing and adventure community are also excited about this event and are enthusiastically supporting this venture.

You also can do your bit to support  a successful  IFSC bouldering world Cup 2016.

  • Donation* from club member (cash/kind)
  • Donation* from climbing community (cash/kind)
  • Advertisements ( as in souvenir )
  • Big donations by way of sponsorship
  • Financial tie up with company through exchange benefit.
  • World Cup Merchandise selling


Note * all donations are eligible for Income tax exemption benefit under sec  80G.