Rupin Pass Trek – June 2015

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GIRIVIHAR, has since its conception in 1964, been devoted to outdoor adventure activities like hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering. Adventure Activities inculcate courage, patience, determination, leadership, confidence, team spirit and cultivate a love for the environment and respect for nature.

Rupin pass is one of the most fantastic treks in the Himalayas. The trek begins from the sleepy Hamlet of Dhaula in Uttarakhand and moves onto via Rupin pass to Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. In terms of landscape, gradient and altitude, it offers a wide range with the trail being full of streams, waterfall, river, mountain views, snows, beautiful meadows full of flowers etc.

One can witness the Garhwali culture as well as the Kinnauri culture. There is a stark difference between the two and the most prominent indicator is the style of houses. During the early summer months it is highly likely that one may encounter snow leading up to the pass. This makes this trek enthralling.8-Rupin-Pass-Ronti-Gad-camp-site

This is not an easy trek. Some sections (the water fall, and the final climb to and over the Rupin pass) of the trek are so steep that you cannot bring pack animals on this trail. It can be a very tiring trek. As for the dangers, you will have to traverse many snow bridges and steep snow fields on the way and you’ll have to be extremely careful while crossing them. The snow would be hard and slippery and any fall would take you straight down the slope and to the river below. It’s not life threatening but yes there are risks of slipping on snow. Prior Experience of Himalayan Trekking in Snow conditions essential. Entry may be restricted to some participant Of course, a question most likely to occur to you will be, why you must choose GIRIHIHAR…… Here’s the answer.

  • GIRIVIHAR is one of the oldest and most reputed mountaineering clubs in Mumbai
  • We have decades of experience conducting Adventure Activities, and enjoy an enviable safety record
  • With a long list of pioneering ventures, we are an organisation of genuine mountain experts
  • Unlike commercial set-ups, the program is managed and conducted by “true blue” mountaineers
  • And last, but not the least, we conduct the treks on a NO-PROFIT basis, making it one of your wisest and most economical investments in your future.

Itinerary –
Day 01 – 4th June ( Drive 210 kms)
Pickup at Dehradun, Drive to Dhaula. Lunch on the way. Arrival at Dhaula (1555 mt.) Overnight stay.

Day 02 – 5th June (Trek 12 kms)
Morning trek from Daula to Sewa (1875 mt.)  (Long climbs with short gentle walks in between)
Arrival at Sewa. Overnight stay.

Day 03 Trek – 6th June (Trek 14 kms.)
from Sewa to Jhaka (2650 mt.) (Long climbs with short gentle walks in between) Arrival at Jakha. Overnight stay.

Day 04 – 7th June (Trek 08 kms)
Morning trek star from Jhaka to Saruwas thatch (3125 mt.) (Mostly climbs with one gentle walk in between) Arrival at Saruwas Thatch. Overnight stay.

Day 05 – 8th June (Trek 05 kms )
Trek from Saruwas thatch to Dhanderas thatch (3560 mt.) (lower water fall camp) (Initial short climb followed by easy undulating walks). Arrival at Dhanderas Thatch. Overnight stay.

Day 06 – 9th June (Trek 03 kms.)
Morning trek from Dhanderas thatch to Upper Waterfall camp (4053 mt.) (Steep climb) Arrival at Dhanderas Thatch. Overnight stay.

Day 07 – 10th June (Trek 09 kms.)
Upper Waterfall to Rupin Pass (4646 mt.) to Ronti Gad (4090 mt.)  (Steep climb initially, followed by a gradual ascending trail. Short sharp climb up to the pass followed by a steep descent) Arrival at Ronti Gad. Overnight stay.

Day 08 – 11th June  (Trek 12 kms.)
Trek from Ronti Gad to Sangla (2682 mt.)  (Via Sangla Kanda – Gradual to steep descent)

Day 09 – 12th June (Drive 225 kms.)
Drive from Sangla to Shimla.  Arrival at Shimla. Overnight stay.

Day 10 – 13th June
Depart from Shimla to Chandigad/Delhi


  1. Address : Mr. Prasanna Joshi. C/O LAGU BANDHU,206/207, Shilpin Centre,  G D Ambekar Marg, Wadala – Mum 31 Ph: +91-22-2415 0211/21 Email:  Mobile: 9819828845
    Mr. Saurabh Pathare, Tel : 9869252778;  Email:
  2. Minimum age :16 years complete
  3. Trek Fees :18,500/-.Dehradun to Shimla (Transport/ Lodging/ Boarding & Equipment etc.)
  4. Trek Duration :  4th June 2015 Arrival at Dehradun  13th June 2015 Depart from Shimla
  5. Accommodation: Accommodation in multiple sharing (Hotel at Shimla & Camping in other places) (Separate arrangement for Boys & Girls)
  6. Assembly : Dehradun. On 4th June 2015 at 6.00 am at a pre designated place in Dehradun to catch the Jeeps to Dhaula. Details will be shared later at the participants meeting
  7. Return :Shimla. Depart on 13th June 2015, from Shimla
  8. Participant’s Meeting: At 1930 hrs. on Saturday, 23rd May 2015 at R. A. Podar College,  Napoo Marg, Matunga (Central), Mumbai – 19. Minor participants will attend this meeting along with their parents.

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