Tadoba Wildlife Experience

If you are a group of 12 and still want to go for the Wildlife Experience please contact Prasanna Joshi on prj4@yahoo.com

GIRIVIHAR, has since its conception in 1964, been devoted to outdoor adventure activities like hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering.

Adventure Activities inculcate courage, patience, determination, leadership, confidence, team spirit and cultivate a love for the environment and respect for nature.

Girivihar is not only associated with Climbing and Mountaineering but encourages allied sports such as Skiing, Scuba Diving and also allied interests such as Ornithology, Star Gazing, Antimology, Lepidopterology, Carnivore Tracking etc.

_MG_5331 copy Indian forests are full of many varied surprises and from blood sucking leeches to terrifying tigers …from slithery snakes to lazy lions. Only probably the Amazons in Southern America can boast of such diversity in its ecosystem. Many of us actually don’t realize how lucky we really are!! But man has been equally destructive and a constant disruption in the natural course has in turn affected our forests and fauna. But still all is not lost and so let’s strive hard to conserve this vulnerable yet monumentally important resource. The forest we will be taking about today is Tadoba.


Named after a benevolent king of the Gond Dynasty who got killed by a tiger during a hunt and the Andhari river which flows through the forest, the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is the Oldest National Park in Maharashtra and one of India’s 41 Project Tiger Reserves. The Gond kings once ruled these forests in the vicinity of the Chimur hills. Hunting was completely banned in 1935. Two decades later, in 1955, an area of 116.54 sq.km (45.00 sq mi) was declared a National Park. Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was created on the adjacent forests in 1986, and in 1995, both the park and the sanctuary were merged to establish the present Tiger Reserve.

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The reserve is predominantly a Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest with dense woodlands . Teak is the predominant species with other trees like Ain (Crocodile Bark) , Haldu , Tendu , etc. Palas or Flame of the Forest adds a different tinge to the forest. The Northern Side of the forest near Tadoba Lake and Panchdhara area is plentiful of Ghost Trees.

Aside from the most charismatic animal of India the Tiger , TATR is home to other mammals like Indian Leopard , Jungle Cat , Sloth Bears , Caracal , Wild Dogs (Dholes) , Indian Bison (Gaur) , Blue Bull (Nilgai) , Striped Hyenas , Civets , Sambar , Spotted Deer , Muntjac , Four Horned Antelope (Chausingha) Tadoba lake sustains an incredible 175+ Marsh Crocodiles which were once found throughout Maharashtra. Other reptiles include the Indian Rock Python , Terrapins , Monitor Lizards , Russel’s Viper , etc. Around 300 Different species of Birds are seen around Tadoba and Telia lakes along with 74 varied fluttering beauties we know as Butterflies. Many varieties of Spiders and Scorpions are also seen